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How Repair A Key Of A Dell Laptop Keyboard?

Posted by admin, 25 November

Let it be the Dell laptop key or a key on any other keyboard, the repair processes remain largely the same. Choosing the right keyboard repair procedure completely depends on the kind of keyboard damage you have experienced There can be various reasons behind failing a key like any liquid spillage on the key, key stopped working suddenly, not cleaning the keyboard, or any other software glitch preventing Windows from identifying keystrokes. All these issues should be fixed under expert’s guidance and Dell Repair provides the platform where you can get your keyboards related errors rectified in no time. Presently, follow the given below instructions to repair a Dell laptop key:

If your problem is regarding fallen keycap & Key retainer:

  1. Foremost action you have to take is that find the fallen keycap & the retainer that has fallen off.
  2. Break off the cap on another key without taking disconnecting the retainer.
  3. Now you need to examine how the retainer under the keycap that you pulled off is placed. Also, observe the way four points are connected to the rest of the key keyboard.
  4. o This observation will give you clues to place the retainer that had fallen off.
  5. Now you need to place the retainer to copy the retainer which correctly positioned on the other key.
  6. Lastly, place the keycaps on top of both keys in such a way that settle down on their right positions on the keyboard. Gently, press down the keycaps and check it has fixed correctly.

If the key that you need to fix is space bar then follow these:

  1. Take out the Space bar retainer from the space bar cap. You are suggested to use a flathead screwdriver pull retainer away.
  2. Using the hooks underneath, attach the retainer to the keyboard.
  3. Position the space bar key on the top of its retainer & press it down. If you hear a snap, it means it has been fixed correctly.

If you experience any problem while going through the steps mentioned above, you can contact our team. Also, if you have lost the key, the experts of Dell Service Centre will help you to get the right solutions for it. Just give us a call or contact us via Live Chat to get immediate assistance.

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